It’s a big eye opener all of this, isn’t it ?

We are finally realising that money has no value.

Your amazing job is no longer an amazing job. Your expensive clothes now have no worth and no one gives a shit how you look anymore.

Your big house is just 4 empty walls like everyone else’s.

Your nice car is running on 4 tires, the same as everyone else’s.

We are finally seeing who the important people are, the ones who make a difference to our lives and are doing the crucial jobs we need.

Market vendors ✔
Care workers ✔
Medical/ Nursing staff ✔
Emergency services ✔
Farmers ✔
Grocery cashiers and staff ✔
Truck drivers/delivery people ✔
Cleaners ✔
Garbage collectors ✔
Security Guards ✔

These people are the ones who keep our country from tipping over, the core of our daily lives, the people who regularly go unnoticed and are often frowned upon but keep working hard, generally on a low income.

People constantly look down on them and gloat that they earn more money than them.

But what worth does your money have now? How secure is your job in the real world when we take a step back to reality?

I’m proud of all of these people, they don’t earn enough for what they do, and they’re never appreciated for what they contribute.

Be kind to them, thank them, go out your way to tell them what an amazing job they’re doing.

Could you imagine how shit this would be without them??

Be thankful, I’ll be happy to buy them all a drink if we come out the other side 🙌🏽❤

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